The B-1 Championship is the oldest active championship belt in the BATTLE organization. It was established in 2011.

Championship History

Champion Date Won Reign Notes
Goto Bio
Risa Goto
Sep 30, 2011 210 Days Defeated Eri Makino, Later unified with Battle Queen Championship
Chiharu Nakai 1
Chiharu Nakai
Apr 27, 2012 651 days Unified with SSS Championship for "Triple Crown"
Megumi Haruka BIO
Megumi Haruka
Feb 7, 2014 49 days
Hitomi Aragaki CROPPED
Hitomi Aragaki
Mar 28, 2014 1 day Immediately vacated

Separated from other "Triple Crown" belts

Panther Risako BIO
Panther Risako
Jan 30, 2015 84 days Won vacant championship in 2014 B-1 Tournament
Yu Akagi BIO
Yuu Akagi
Apr 24, 2015 120 days Later Vacated
Mari Koizumi Belt
Mari Koizumi
Dec 4, 2015 529 days Won vacant championship in 2015 B-1 Tournament
Madoka Belt 2
Madoka Hitomi
May 26, 2017 210 days
Sesera Harukawa BIO 2
Sesera Harukawa
Dec 22, 2017 112 days
Ichinose B-1 Belt CROPPED
Ren Ichinose
May 4, 2018 221 days Defeated Hana Kanou for vacant championship
B-1 Champions
Risa GotoChiharu NakaiMegumi HarukaHitomi AragakiPanther RisakoYuu AkagiMari KoizumiMadoka HitomiSesera HarukawaRen Ichinose