The B-1 Tournament is an annual 8 participant single-elimination tournament promoted by the BATTLE organization.

The tournament is often comprised of up and coming competitors, and is often thought of as a springboard to success.

The tournament winner usually gets a title match for the B-1 Championship. So far, every B-1 Tournament winner has gone on to win her title match, and become B-1 Champion.

Tournament History

Tournament Year Winner
B-1 Tournament 2010 None
B-1 Tournament SECOND 2013 Megumi Haruka
B-1 Tournament THIRD 2014 Panther Risako
B-1 Tournament FOURTH 2015 Mari Koizumi
B-1 Tournament FIFTH 2016 Madoka Hitomi
B-1 Tournament SIXTH 2017 Ren Ichinose
No Tournament 2018 None


B-1 Tournaments
B-1 Tournament Champions
2010: None2013: Megumi Haruka2014: Panther Risako2015: Mari Koizumi

2016: Madoka Hitomi2017: Ren Ichinose