Champion Date Won Reign Notes
Nana Kunimi BIO2
Nana Kunimi
Dec 22, 2012 483 days Defeated Chiharu Nakai in finals of Queen of Akihabara Tournament to become first champion
Kaneshiro Belt
Mao Kaneshiro
Apr 19, 2014 364 days
YUE FG Cropped
Masako Natsume (YUE)
Apr 18, 2015 188 days
Oct 23, 2015 1 day Immediately vacated championship after defeating YUE
YUE FG Cropped
Apr 16, 2016 356 days Defeated Hitomi Aragaki in the main event of Fighting Girls 16: THE FINAL, after crowd voted to make it a title match for the vacated belt
Natsumi Airi BELT 6
Airi Natsume
Apr 7, 2017 613 days