Misa Suzumi is a wrestler for the BATTLE organization, and a member of the Anti-Battle Union Cat Pack faction.

Suzumi won the Extreme Tournament in November, 2017 to win the vacant Extreme Championship. She later became a double champion by winning the Masters Championship in May, 2018.

With that accomplishment, she joins YUE, Chiharu Nakai, & Risa Goto as the only wrestlers to win a second belt while already holding another one.

Suzumi is considered one of the most charismatic workers in BATTLE, and one of its best heel characters. Director Rozenkavalier has compared her to The Rock.

Extreme Champions
Tsugumi MutoMaria WakatsukiShiho EgamiMisa Suzumi
Masters Champions
Mai MioriYua HidakaKaho ShibuyaMisa Suzumi
Extreme Tournament Champions
2014: Tsugumi Muto2015: Maria Wakatsuki2016: Yui Misaki2017: Misa Suzumi2018: Waka Ninomiya